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Complete lifestyle management system.

My Safe Place is a complete lifestyle management system that helps you to keep track of all the things that matter most to you.

We understand that, even at the best of times, many people struggle to ensure they eat a proper balanced diet for example, and for those with mental health problems, who are suffering from loss of energy or motivation, this may be even more difficult.  For those with children, also having to remember all the different activities that children participate in during and after school, reading books, school trips and money for various things, it can all soon become overwhelming.  Plus there are your own needs – medication to remember, appointments to attend and during times of crisis, just getting through the day can be hard.

My Sage Place brings everything together in a single, easy to use interface, to help you keep on top and to have access to support when you need it.

What's Inside?

How can My Safe Place help you.


  • Keep a record of your medications and set a reminder for when you are due to take your dose.
  • Easy access to your crisis plan.
  • Add upcoming medical appointments to your planner and set a reminder so you won't forget.


  • Keep track of your finances and know exactly how much money you'll have left at the end of each month
  • Struggling with debts? We have a range of letter templates which you can use to send to your debtors to help reduce the burden
  • Stay up to date with what bills you have to pay and when by adding them to your planner


  • Create your own 'to do' lists to help you stay on top of all the little things
  • Keep track of all the things the kids need for school, from back to school checklists, after school club and parents evening reminders, to meal ideas and tips on how to survive the school holidays
  • Shopping lists – never forget the one thing you went out to buy but came home without!


  • Stay up to date with what your friends are up to and let them know what you're doing, with access to your Facebook and Twitter feeds.


  • For when things are difficult and you need someone to talk to, or just need some advice, we're here to help.

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